IFF in solidarity with environmental collectives censored by National Internet Exchange of India


The websites of letindiabreath, fridays for future - India and thereisnoearthb is not accessible because of the hold placed by the National Internet Exchange of India (NIXI). The reason is not yet communicated to the operators of the website. Internet Freedom Foundation is offering advice and support to LetIndiaBreathe.in (LIB) and FridaysForFuture (FFF).

The censorship of the environmental collectives has hampered their campaign #WithdrawEIA2020

Draft EIA2020 - Environment Impact Assessment or Enable India Auction?

You can find the draft of EIA2020 here

The draft of EIA2020 was released for public comments on March 23rd just before the day of nationwide lockdown, thus making it difficult for the people and experts to meet, discuss and analyze the problems associated with the amendments.

Youtuber Dhruv Rathee explains the concerns with the amendment in this video

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As our community has always encouraged free knowledge and raised our voice against enclosure of commons, we should stand in solidarity with these environmental collectives and their campaign #WithdrawEIA2020 as their fight is against the enclosure of resources belonging to the commons.

It is important that FSFTN release a statement condemning the domain hold placed by the National Internet Exchange of India (NIXI) on their websites.

We have time till 11th August 2020 to send suggestions to Environment Ministry to stop this draft from being introduced as a law. Send your suggestions to eia2020-moefcc@gov.in

If you want some help trying to draft your own suggestions, you can visit this link -

Here is the draft EIA2020 with problems highlighted



We have been facing several repeated issues, and to be more honest, issues in diferent social and ecological areas. Acting to resist ill-designed causes is one thing. But we also have the increased responsibility to :

  • Analyze the historical causes
  • Delineate any legal bindings associated with it
  • Understand how it influences the society as a whole & individual in turn.

I am going through all these linked resources to understand better. I would like to suggest to build up a story line - a timeline of events - that would trace back to the causes, so that participating people who are interested would understand the causation, and how with time changes are made, with what kind of influces in whos favour against whom.

If we can able to prepare a timeline, with dates, images (photos, newspaper selections, places, etc…) that would be helpful to properly organize and track any such issues and help express more readily so that it will be a story which is more than hyper links.

@niranjan937 see if you can organize a spread sheet, with data info (stard, end), images, headlines, videos, legal reports, cases, of events (social or cultural). I would like to help anyway possible. Thanks for bringing up the issue in here.