Information in need?


I came to know this fsftn through our College (PAAVAI GLUG-Namakkal). Currently,I am in my 3rd year .I didn’t attend any of the fsftn session.if held ,please kindly inform me,as I am very much interested in OpenSource.
I have been looking through all your pages,blogs.Even in diaspora,Fb,etc… There are no updations.please do some posts or else suggest some other sources to know about and get well to the OpenSource tech.kindly,please suggest me a guide for me to interact with him.
I have been tried to contact prassana venkadesh bro.but , unfortunately I can’t able to speak with him.
Please do …

Thanking you ,
Lokesh Varman


Hi @Ruler_of_Tech,

Welcome to the online discussion forum of FSFTN.

Paavai GLUG is part of FSFTN, so if you are part of PaavaiGLUG, then you are part of FSFTN too.

Recently we had some issues with our online infrastructure which we are fixing one by one. So that was the main reason why we couldn’t update anything on our site and blog as well.

@devux and @Mugunthan were very close with PaavaiGLUG I suppose. I hope one of them would contact you. In the mean time you can also join our discussion forum in Riot/Matrix channel (


@Ruler_of_Tech great to see you in discuss. I’ll send my number to you, we can have call/msg conversation for more details.


i cant able to register in riot …it responds that registration has been disabled???
what shall i do now ?