Inkscape + Lua + Conky


Most of you guys have already used atleast one of these somewhere in ur GNU journey.
I would like to share my design what i have done few years back…


Beautiful work. I used to have conkys in my machine. Those where the times I was being a newbie and was exploring eye-candy stuff with GNU/Linux. Not using them anymore.

I love the wallpaper, where can I get this wallpaper?. Thanks for sharing.


i used them with conky and for boot splash … while playing with them, and to attract my friends by showing off… :sunglasses: Everything here is CC by NC SA


Grey one looks cool, Will be using it as my wallpaper :slightly_smiling: :wink:


i have also shared svg’s, use change and distribute :sunglasses:


I think, SVG are not supported. They are not displayed for me. I can only open png files. I am looking for the same wallpaper that you have used in your conky.


sry… just now saw… however… files are shared via telegram :slightly_smiling: