Internship Opportunities for Freshers


Job Title: Intern-ship (Paid)

Job Code: Systems Engineer Intern

Location: Bangalore, India

Web Site:

No Of Openings: 2

What’s expected from you:
Having used Linux for sometime and understand how linux works.
Should be able to handle all the installations and testing on the Data Storage Servers we ship.
Should be able to customize the GNU/Linux OS, to suit our needs.
Loves using CLI

The ideal candidate:
A Linux user for quite some time now.
Have done GNU/Linux installations on your machines, extensively.
Loves working for a start-up.

You will be immediately called if:
You are a part of any of the Free Software or GNU/Linux Communities.
Have a Github account with some commits.
If you speak python or shell.
Loves using VIM or EMACS.

Want to know more about us ??

If you are interested, drop us an email
SUBJECT : Intern-ship Opportunity
Write a short note on “Why I use Linux” with your mobile number and resume(If you have one) and drop us an email at