Is Airtel Free low band internet violating net neutrality?


Last One month i can use airtels low band internet for free, is there any official announcement for that or they are doing it without any intimation? Is this violating Net Neutrality?


Need more sources or information ? Anything ?


Anything related to this will be helpful, just want to be sure it’s not violating net neutrality.



NOT found any official Advertisement to counter for.

Low Bandwidth is still a bandwidth, implying low QOS, but with coverage. So with more FOC marketing, traction becomes proportionately more, probably huge (exponentially). Now with critical mass in hand, atleast a few % of mass would migrate to LTE or WiMaX (4G) communication that yields profit. However that is only a side effect.

With majority in their side, Neutrality may be dissolved. For instance, if Airtel offers FOC bandwidth for only few services/apps.