Is it right to have Facebook page?


Exact reason why we have this.


Setting up a physical server is really not that different from setting up a VPS. In fact, it might be a little easier in some ways. If you need help, I can volunteer. But, not immediately. I am a little busy at this time of the year. And, considering I’m in Bangalore, I should probably get the FSMK to set up a server first.


FSFTN is now in Diaspora



Is some kind of federation possible between Diaspora and GNU Social?

I set up a GNU Social instance on my server yesterday, and need to get federation working to connect to FSFTN on Diaspora.


Great! I have joined the pod and followed fsftn there…


The Federation of decentralized social networking! - complete with Star Trek references! :smile:

It’s important to have the various decentralized social networks to work together and get the network effect going for them instead of against them. The following article says something about that.

I, for one, run GNU Social, and don’t want to join diaspora (at least at the moment). I’d certainly prefer to have a single account on one social network and federate across multiple networks. That’s the beauty of federation and decentralization, after all!

BTW, is this running on a VPS?


Hopefully, Yes. It should be running on a VPS. We are not the creator or maintainer of the pod. The pod is being maintained by a collective.

Now that we have created an official FSFTN handle on this pod and also encouraging people to join the pod, we shall try to identify the requirements from the podmins and try to contribute either technically or financially to keep the pod up, running and to scale as well.


I don’t think it is a very good idea to depend on VPSs. I prefer to run my own servers. Projects such as FreedomBox are trying to make this easy and feasible for everybody to do. We should consider this approach seriously.

There was a demo of Freedombox at last year’s SFLC conference. You can find a recording at

Here is a media article covering FreedomBox.