Is this a breach of my privacy?


I came across this Quora answer. And I asked my friend to check it out, and it seems fairly accurate. You send an SMS with any car registration number, and you receive the ownership, insurance and other details about the car. Is this a breach of my privacy?


well, information associated with an individual that intersects the social part of individual-society interface could be viewed as information that helps legibly identify the individual in particular, that can be shared by the individual itself or by an establishment (gov. of India) with prior consent to the individual in particular.

Whether, the information is widely known to all or not does not matter here.

here three parties are involved :

  • the requesting individual (unknown individual A)
  • the contract party (gov. B)
  • the individual (the individual in question C)

say C, be a investigative journalist, who owns a car. A mob which is persistent in assassinating C, would want to know the real details of C. They have fortunately caught a vehicle number which C uses for travel. Now with just a car number, the basic demographic data is provided by B without asking the individual C, to A.

the details can be shared, but only with individuals consent.

one cannot and must not measure the privacy based upon the popularity a individual has in the society.


since, India, does not have privacy law, only by looking up sector specific law, would better supply the necessary jurisprudence interpretation. In this case, RTO laws, acts might provide them…


@prashantbarca, with the help of the working paper “towards a privacy framework for india in the age of internet” — it seems…

this case of accessing “personal information” according to IT act might not belong to “sensitive personal data or information” – which enables the authorities to access and share such data without consent.

however, the IT act itself has not adumbrated what are all the personal information and what are all the sensitive information properly.