Koha Localisation - Engaging interested GLUG volunteers for Tamil Translation


Koha is a Library Management Free Software with GPLv3 License. It was initially developed and launched by a Library Trust in NewZealand. Currently, many contributors from all over the world are being a part of the huge community.

  • Many Science and Research Institutions in India have migrated to Koha recently but not completely. I have written about it here.
  • Last year we started a topic at FSFTN to host our Library Books Catalog in Koha here.

Proprietary Softwares in Libraries:-

  • Libsys
  • AutoLib

These software costs way too much for normal schools, institutions and completely stands against our principles in terms of Freedom to Users, Ability to use the software for different purposes. In this way, Koha stands as an alternative.


  • Enter into more institutions and libraries in Tamil Nadu
  • Convince them not only in terms of software but also in terms of principles and policies.
  • Engage GLUGs in community organized projects and events
  • Reach a deeper level of discussion and understanding about Open Access and transforming it into activism.

Aim of this post:-

Koha has been translated into many languages worldwide, initially in French and Chinese. The Tamil language has been completed with 1% of translation. Find the details of Tamil localization in Koha here. It has more than 126000 sentences for each version and some are obselete. It definitely requires a community effort to complete this and release it.

I propose the GLUG volunteers and interested participants to come in to contribute and localize it to the Tamil Language. Before that, read the principles of Free Software, Policies and understand why we need to contribute to this project. Join the Koha Translation Mailing List for queries and support regarding translation.

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