Krita : best free tool for 2D illustration


illustrations are eye-catchers which enriches the coverfront of books, websites , banners , posters etc.
among the available tools for illustration, free softwares races to peak . here we have gimp, inkscape, mypaint , krita etc.
the professionals find krita as the super tool for speed-painting with some options available in it. especially the right click will display the color,brush,eraser etc which makes the user to even save time of using shortcut keys. so the newbie not needed to familiarise with shortcuts.
hope all will enjoy the great tool ‘krita’.

download krita here:


you can find the professional illustration works done by artist/ illustrator william thorup …using krita, krita+blender and gimp along with the time lapse videos of those.

in somes of his works he creates basic environment with blender and do some compositing. then he furnish with details and characters using krita which brings out attractive illustrations.


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[quote=“manojpenworks, post:1, topic:93”]
here we have gimp, inkscape, mypaint , krita etc.
[/quote] ,Timothee Giet, french computer artist uses free softwares for his professional designs. he had posted tutorials on krita in his you tube channel which sounds good.