List of Documentaries & Talks


This is an initiative to create a list of must watch documentaries / movies / videos related to Free culture, Freedom of speech, Open access, Free Software and knowledge freedom. Feel free to extend the list.

  1. The Internet’s Own boy
  2. Citizenfour
  3. Terms and Conditions may apply
  4. The Pirates Bay Away From The Keyboard
  5. The Fifth Estate
  6. The Hacker Wars
  7. The inside Job
  8. Last Week Tonight with John Oliver: Government Surveillance
  9. re:publica 2015 - Aral Balkan: Beyond The Camera Panopticon
  10. Why Privacy Matters: Glenn Greenwald
  11. Glenn Greenwald and Edward Snowden live on Stage at #CGC15
  12. Do-not-track
  13. Edward Snowden: Here’s how we take back the Internet
  14. Project Code Rush: The beginnings of Netscape / Mozilla Documentary
  15. re:publica 2012 - Resisting State Surveillance & it’s network effects
  16. Exvestment: The Political Economy of Open Source Software.
  17. Excellent take on Commons


@rajanand Can you add the link to Beyond The Camera Panopticon ?


it is there in the list…the final one…


I can see that. The hyperlink isn’t working!


oh yes…fixed it…Thanks man. :smile:


Revolution OS


Merchants of Doubt

Not directly related to free culture in any way, but a fantastic documentary nevertheless.


@rajanand I think we should extend the list to include topics like Commons based Economy, Peer Production, etc., That way the objective would extend just beyond immaterial goods to reflect back on materials.


yeah we can but it will be too bloated. why don’t we create a different thread for that?


Saw the entire thing … One of the best !


Eben Moglen on Walled Gardens and the First Law of Robotics


Terms and conditions is a must watch documentary where we can get to know a lot…


Wonderful talk. Loved the way how Eben connected the sci-fi literature with reality.


Resisting State Surveillance and it’s network effects by Jacob Applebaum & Dmytri Kleiner


To understand what is Net Neutrality simple and also to explain it to people you know in an easier way,you must watch this.


To explain People that Why Free (As in Gratis) is dangerous in various ways, with examples, different contexts and concepts. This can be used in one of the FSFTN Sessions and can be tweaked and translated according to our needs.

Free is a Lie - YouTube Video


The FSF has released ShoeTool, an animated video explaining free software. Tamil subtitles are available too. Share widely.