List of projects for decentralized / p2p applications on meshnet


Awesome discussion guys, i too have read and understood some of the protocols (at least papers or at functionality level) and had a similar effect after seeing a good movie that immerses us with its mood. In such analogy cinema observed for few hours that aligns with our idea is very much similar to protocols that aligns with our idea. Initially which looks right in every dimension after a lot of contemplation and analysis reveals its limitation / vulnerabilities / barriers, etc…

On trying to take out the common pattern, of all the recent protocols each propagated with different view points of the same pole, it seems that the orchestration of p2p and encryption gaurantee protocols, as @prashere mentioned above. So it evolves into a system that distributed systems are being built of top of these fundamental support structures.

We currently have these strategies of Inter-Networking:

  1. Totally Proprietary and Centralized systems
  2. Proprietary but Decentralized top-down (Geographically) with Central control (confused ???) - A real weapon
  3. Partially - Open source systems (Single End Open) with Central black box & control - A nightmare
  4. Fully Free & Transparent systems without encryption
  5. Fully Free & Transparent systems with encryption, & Share Tracking (Decentralized bottom-up) - similar to Torrent
  6. Fully Free & Transparent systems with encryption & Distributed Sharing - like Retroshare
  7. Fully Free & Transparent systems with encryption & Distributed Sharing + Hosting - like Zeronet, IPFS
  8. Fully Free & Transparent systems with encryption for Naming - like blockstack

am i right ?

Block chain being a different animal, can it scale up in present situation ?

I am interested to know, how come we can evaluate a projects outcome as a distributed or decentralized system ?. Looking at code is one thing which is solid and good. Is there any other way ?

With diversity in protocols, we also have responsibility to manage interoperation. On the whole i am happy that these projects are started without any hope for success or failures. But as a triumph. I am personally proud to have CJDChat built by @suriyadeepan, @Vanangamudi & @nnpths01 to observe sub sproutings. I believe soon many others will do similar things.

We have to remember with more diversity, systems tend to evolve and nobody know which one will adapt every changes… :slightly_smiling:

One more question, what you guys feel about the difference between the words Decentralization & Distribution ? I was hearing people using these words interchangeably in discussions with their biases and so there is a loss in communication due to ambiguity. I see decentralization as a transition phenomenon between centralized systems to distributed systems. Some say it is a special case of centralized system and other say it as a special case of distributed systems. We have understood commonly that Distribution is possible with bottom-up approach. Shall i call Torrent as decentralized and ZeroNet as distributed. One more thing is, in network fundamentals at the physical layer afaik, there is distributed mesh network, there is distributed systems which is more aligned to our thought process.

People also use decentralized in political and social terms, similar to power decentralized from central gov. to state gov, and the tree structure keeps on going until it reaches the grassroot forming a hierarchical system. So if decentralized system result in a hierarchical (possible for subjugation) how come we are still using that word too in our conversations. I do not want to make it alike s a serious issue between the gnu/linux or gnu or free or open source… These are my doubts lingered for years. :confused:

For layman explanation i dont want to make it serious, but with critical thought i want to make myself clear.


What about TOX ??? anybody checked it ??


This should help you


@ramaseshan, i know such visual/abstract difference… my point is need to know which words the community peers are meaning ? Particularly in presentations, deliberations, community meetups most people use the word “decentralized” while conversing about mesh/distributed networks & systems.

Also I like to know about the tech cast initiative and the resources they have to do so !


GNU Social is extremely light.

Blockchain based systems will likely be the heaviest.


Beaker browser – A browser for IPFS and Dat protocols…


Wow! :heart: Something worth trying.