List of Surveillance Movies


Below are the list of Surveillance Movies that can be used for Screening at FSFTN (Being Populated)

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Irumbu Thirai


Added Irumbu Thirai to the List :+1:


Watched the Movie The Cirlce . There was a discussion in the movie, happening inside the Circle Office

Person 1 - About 80% of the people are Circle users who have validated their Account through valid Government Documents. Why can’t we keep Circle as a validatory platform in the upcoming elections?

Person 2 - Why do we need to do that? Why can’t the Government do that? Why do they need to depend on us?

Person 3 - Because, they don’t have the Skill and Efficiency. But we have :slight_smile:

Emma Watson - I have an idea. Why can’t we ask the government to ask all the people to register in Circle as a mandatory requirement? In that case, we have all the people inside Circle and also we can validate people during the Elections. It increases our Customers from 80% t0 100%

Boss - That’s a great idea

And now read about Aadhaar :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:


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