Mesh Network - The Need


Hi all,

With speeches and articles
about the Internet all over, the importance of finding an alternative
and a definite solution for it has become compulsory.The Internet has
not been something that has been owned by somebody from the beginning
itself.Internet needs to be free and without restrictions and equal to
all.As a part of our activism based on Free Software,we also need to
make awareness about the “Network” which stands tall among every other

In addition to the knowledge of four freedoms of the “The Free Network Foundationa.k.a the “FNF”,
we also need to take steps towards building a simple independent
network for our organization.The whole point is about creating awareness
about the “Internet” and related stuffs in addition to free software
tools and alternatives.

Certain links to refer :-

can also try following some simple guides for building a wireless mesh
network for ourselves and help expand the network.Let’s make a path
towards the “True Internet”. Happy Learning :slight_smile:


Thanks for the write up @Balvis. Few of us have already started to work on it and also started to document our experiences. We will make use of this Project Meshnet thread to clarify doubts, share our experiments, experiences with setting up such networks in our places.


In addition to this, I think it is also important to set up our own home servers instead of depending on VPSs or big corporate services such as Google’s or Facebook’s.

I have my own home server running a mail server, web server (my blog, owncloud, a private wiki with dokuwiki, roundcube webmail), and an XMPP server. I also run an LDAP server to provide a single centralized user account for all my various services.

If anybody is interested in similar ideas, do let me know. Good post on meshnets, BTW! Some day, I would like to join the meshnet as well.