Migration Problem 😎 -- as a game


We all know well, that the present internet structure is Centralized (there is no classification like too centralized, partially centralized, lightly centralized, good centralized, bad centralized…). Centralized is centralized, that is it. Nothing more nothing less.

I see decentralization as special case of centralization rather than special case of distribution. It seems like half way between centralization and distribution. But actually, look at democracies – representative democracies, what do you think of them ??? Centralized, Decentralized, Distributed. It is nothing but Centralized at different places. Distribution of centralization is not distribution at all.

Distribution is a paradigm change in thought process, critical thinking, sharing of resources, collaboration, deliberation, participation, democratic action, etc.

That’s why Distribution and Mesh Network go hand in hand.
That’s why Mesh as a Network Topology & Wireless Communication go hand in hand.

Many of us have tried to mesh by buying some routers personally in our home and hacked them. Some of us started communities, some of us - then - disbanded. However, we now have handful of communities that spear head in mesh networking which i see as a Fusion of Free Software, Free Hardware and Amateur Radio Hobby culture.

Moreover, it enables one to learn about diverse systems like, Radio physics, Networking, Embedded Systems, Free Software operation Systems, Systems Integration and the Interfaces between them, Graph theory, Electromagnetic Field theory, Numerical methods, Democracy, Economics & Politics… etc… to state a few… Obviously every geek will have something to learn from it. :sunglasses:

The problem is simple :
InterNet in reality for atleast 2 decades is CenterNet.

Aspiration :
Everyone of us personally longs to enjoy InterNet in its natural form.

Solution :
Build Community based mesh networks at grass roots level.

What do we have ?
We have interest and frustration. We have common interest. We have less time for ourselves. We have even less time to make our aspirations a reality before CentreNet becomes too much penetrated. We have procrastination ability. We have skills in Hardware, Software and both mixed.

We have Spectrum.

What would be the DNA property of a Distributed System :
A mesh network that realizes a distributed system, must not only enable people to create, share and govern their resources themselves effectively, but also be resilient to attack from manipulation towards centralization. A system is distributed only when it cannot be centralized in any way.

What can be hacked ?
Naturally humans are greedy… common accept it… aren’t u greedy ? Everybody wants more of something. We are all basically a bunch of curious hackers who wants to know how things and systems work. So we too are greedy in one sense. That is not a evil thing. But when it impedes Sharing, then it crosses the limit and intrudes into liberty to Share resources.

Centralization is created based on such intrusive bullying policy. (That’s not even a policy)

Society is a collection of individuals and the relation ships between the individuals. Sharing is the fundamental relationship that enables society to work. It is the thing that connects individuals personal sphere to the Society.

In the case of centralization, personal greed extended to extreme exploitation, to profit only maximization policies and politics related to it. It has become a chronic diseases that is recursive to the system and spreads easily to the organs of society. Success of its application to one specific field, doesn’t mean it will work for other problems in hand. That’s too naive, dumb, lazy and arrogant.

So, individuals greed potential has to be hacked in order to make them participate in forming Distributed mesh network. This is how Torrents and Bitcoin works. There must be something for everybody participating. The strategy must be win win situation. Protocols must answer the question “What’s there for me in it ???”.

When such question is answered, people involve themselves without hesitation.

Availability, Accessibility, Affordability are the three main tributaries of Distributed systems. If one fails there is no use in having the remaining two. This is where Greed potential is channelled towards Sharing unlike towards Chronic profit maximizing instruments.

Coming to the current problem :
Presently Internet is a chain of ISP and Telcos who offer Internet as a Service.

Did u hear that??? Internet as a service, as if somebody on the top serving us to enlighten us by sending these traffic agencies(ISP’s and Telco’s) to save us from ourselves. They are the clergy men of the cathedral, religious gurus of Internet.
They provide to us, as if they offer it to us… crazy isn’t it… ?

We know that we are now presently in transition from the centralized structure to a distributed form of internet. How come we are going to tackle this traffic agencies.

Service here after represents the applications that leverage on the network platform. Local services are already local applications that can work without the necessity of network platform for its operation.

Let C_ta be the Concentration of Traffic Agencies (ISP, TELCO) (Quantity)
Let C_mn be the Concentration of Mesh Networks (Quantity)

Presently, C_ta >> C_mn

am i right ??

Until C_mn >= C_ta

C_mn grows as mesh network initiators, what is our strategy to persuade the C_ta factor. Mesh network as a basic network platform for distributed and localized services alone cannot attract people. Much greater value can be added by infusing Internet along with it. So a deal has to be strike between the mesh networks and the traffic agencies.

We have to remember that the stake holder here is the Volunteer and the People and not the traffic agencies. If already traffic agencies can able to offer Free of Cost Internet by joining hands with the “Digital Divide Empires”, then obviously cost is not a factor in this game. Its about treating people as market share subjects or Free citizens.

Let I_it represents the Internet Information Traffic. (Content)
Let I_ia represents the Internet Information Agencies. (Parasites of Internet) = f(I_it)

Then conglomerates of I_ia + C_ta together forms a stronghold of centralization in internet.

:european_castle: :european_castle: :european_castle:
:european_castle: :crocodile: :european_castle:
:european_castle: :european_castle: :european_castle:

Let P_cs be the concentration of people who supports the centralized services
Let P_ds be the concentration of people who supports the distributed services
Let P_dc be the concentration of people who dont care whether the services are centralized, decentralized or distributed. As long as services are available they are happy.

Let M be the people who are ready to migrate to distributed system when services meet the desired quality.
Let HT be the individuals(Hackers, Thinkers) and groups who could create distributed systems and tools and technologies to enable the migration.

Thus the game starts with the following initial conditions :

  • P_cs > P_dc > P_ds
  • HT << M
  • C_ta >> C_mn

How do you think, you can solve this migration game problem with given parameters ??? Any ideas, please reply, criticize, educate… whatever


I am not familiar with the statistics of it, but my common sense leads me to believe that P_dc >> P_cs + P_ds, assuming that every person using the internet has a say.


I am too not familiar about the statistics, thats why i took it as a game…

So, we would have the freedom to form our own initial conditions… what would be the strategy to wind the game with your initial conditions… ?