Mooc Without Internet ? Possible?


For a long time, I had been wondering how can we distribute Knowledge resources
I came to see Mesh Network as a viable resource that could make it possible.

Today I stumbled upon another interesting project, that could pave way for Free Knowledge.

Outernet looks one such project who apparently run a few satellites around , and we could receive information from them.
But sadly tough the server is more central to their servers, this is a good first step towards Knowledge Availability.

Happily India is widely covered from their satellites.

A few questions that pop up in my head are

  1. How are they having the funding for this
  2. What happens if their servers go down.

But a good first step I did appreciate.
Thoughts ?!

My thought further ponders, A Satellite receiver, for a locality, and a combination of mesh networks in that locality could make a amazing things ?

Knowledge Commons as a category

Outernet is once alternative way for MOOC - like how Radio Mesh can pave the way…

MOOC is itself a hosted content service (free and open) usually in distributors servers. Here the content maker can be the distributor itself. Outernet as differentiated itself from this point by providing Space to Land comm. to achieve independence from closed, greedy and only for profit ISP & Telcos. In otherwords they become the SP using sat. comms. Very similar to Radio AM/FM/TV broadcasting.

Its only upto the user of the MOOC which medium to choose to access the content. If Sat. based MOOCs already use TV bandwidth, no additional h/w is required but still that phase is challenging… with Outernet. Furthermore, heavy economic strain. What is the turnover for the investment.


This looks a good simpler alternative to start with.
Tough requires us to have a bigger storage, quite possible.


Ka-Lite is relly… cool… it is like wikipedia offline… great…