Need a standard FOSS tamil font


currently government is publishing all its announcement in Proprietary font named “Vanavil avvaiyar” from Vanavil software.

this is one example site where it is used and get from


There are free software fonts available. But why government uses involves a question of million rupees. Lohit font, Droid Fonts, Noto fonts are all free fonts. Meera font is also created for the same reason you are taking about.

While talking about GPL to fonts it is necessary to understand FE also. Read about it here.

If you are ready to design fonts, yes hats off to you. Start with it.
We have some people who can help with it. But remember it is time consuming also it includes much designing work,


Meera does have nice font design, as alternative to avvaiyar.

Can we ask/press the government not to use Proprietary fonts?,( its already been asked by elcot but government failed to respond)


There two standard tamil keyboard layout, tamil99 from gov of tamilnadu and variant of indic keyboard from gov of india. which one should we choose?


kindly check this 10 unicode tamil fonts


Found some fonts which are interesting, here is the share


I’m using GNU Freefont. It supports Tamil.


due to hinting problems, it looks weird for me. that’s why using others


What are hinting problems?


able to fix myself, it seems lohit tamil fonts renders incorrectly and also chromium don’t follow font-config? ,parses font family css incorrectly?

GNU freefont is good, renders correctly but still like catamaran better :yum:


Pavanam looks good too. especially for text with both english and tamil.