Need Help in Blender


Hello Everyone,
I am Shri and i am studing in chennai.i want to learn blender.And i am a beginner in blender.If someone is good at blender,can you please help me in learning blender.?


The best way to learn blender is to learn from youtube tutorials(as far as i know). To start with you can refer tutorials by tutor4u.


Yea i am learning from youtube.I watched all the tutorials of tutuor4u.But i want to explore more in Blender.


then take up an idea and work on it. when you encounter any issue ask in forums and communities to get it clarified.


Anyone in FSFTN community knows Blender?So that i can discuss with them.


Hi @shriramveni, Welcome to FSFTN Community. There couple of people here who are also learning blender. At the moment unfortunately, they aren’t yet here in

We will try to introduce them to you and vice-versa.


Hi pras.thank you for your response.
May I know where they are getting the resources to learn blender?
Thanks & regards


try subscribing feeds from . they will be helpful


Thank you samdraz.:slight_smile: