Need help in mapping Internet Shutdowns in India



I work for (Software Freedom Law Center, India), a non-profit organization of lawyers who do research on issues related to civil rights in the digital sphere apart from providing legal support to free software communities.

We build a tool,, to map the growing instances of Internet shutdowns in India. Since 2012, various state governments and district administrations have resorted to switching off Internet connectivity to entire districts and sometime entire states. Most of these happen before or after tense political developments and sometimes even for the sake of preventing cheating in exams.

We are looking for contributions from the community to improve the website and make it more effective. Apart from feedback by filing issues on the gitlab repository, you can also also contribute code and add more features to make use of the data better. The technologies used: HTML5, CSS, JS, jQuery, ractive.js, Mapbox, Node.js, Express.js, jade(pug). If you are interested in any of these you can:

  1. Help fix some of the bugs listed out
  2. Help refine the UI/UX to improve the effectiveness
  3. Help in building d3.js based visualizations with live data
  4. Help setup an Open Data API for the constantly updated data on shutdowns
  5. Join to brainstorm technical solutions to detect internet shutdowns which go unreported

More about the issue: