Need Help to list out, available Free Software for desktop platform like Linux,Windows and Macintosh


Hello folks,
A request asked from the Tamil Virtual Academy to FSFTN, to give a list of free software’s available for Linux,Windows and Macintosh. So we need your help to figure out what are the Free software’s available by the category like Programming,Graphics,Education,Games,Office,Science,Social etc.,

If we can figure it out, surely it will be help full for the future purpose. And we can find out if there any important tool not developed till now by that we can request our team to build it! and also it will be very help full for Arts and Science Students who want to dive into free software.

Here, we are already discussed regarding this in this same forum. If we can assemble all the contents in the same thread will be the best place to refer.


This could also come in helpful
Thanks to @gurulenin from Karai GLUG for the info shared.


My Suggestion:

Fork this

Then use the JSON format to list all software that you can think of by category. Invite people to contribute.

I don’t think this is a useful exercise though. Since an organization should be able to come up with a list of software they use and then we can provide them with a list of alternatives for those software.


That might be help to figure out easily, but now TVA gonna conducting workshop, for that workshop they are willing to give a list of free software to the participants.i will give a try!