Networking Tutorials & Videos


We need to translate or work on networking tutorials and videos in tamil language. This thread can be a discussion point on overall topic.

There are different styles of writting a tutorial.
Story like - using the history to answer why such a protocol is there, and who invented it.
Application: Why we use that protocol. what would happen if we don’t have that. how different will it be to use the internet, if this protocol is not there.
POV: Making people participate in protocol operation. So that each of us will know what happens when we receive a packet(protocol packet: information) when we are in particular state(since protocols have many states). How we attain such states?

This is just my brain dump. Please dump yours too…


We already had a Tech cast initiative from FSFTN .
@aravindgd @aravinthk Satish were involved in it .The youtube channel can be accesed here .