Offline first approach - Shifting control over data to users


We have been talking and experimenting with various ways to shift the control of data and ownership in the hands of users and community from centralized data centres. To all free software, privacy and data enthusiasts and hacktivists here, we shall start adopting these strategies.

  1. Offline First -
  2. Hoodie Framework -

There are lot of other libraries upcoming on this front. We need to start practising this and communicate the same to the next generation of web application devs.


after a long long long time, it is really inspiring to look at such decentralizing projects by communities, that work with a philosophical spirit.

if i would have engaged in proper research some 1 or 2 years back, i would have included them and made a better review. However it is never late.

best thing: offline first + no-backend

lot of ideas, that a front end developer/designer would think and do, i hope can now be made easier with such frameworks and libraries, without the need of undergoing extra steep learning curves. i would like to use it for my gis based applications. let’s see how it goes, probably with help from soft-hack folks around here…

i personally felt, that atlast web technologies have made remarkable stride in such efforts, towards - independent relations based network. A way towards a connectivity solution that could even work without central connectivity. A break from vicious cycle. A step towards disaster resilience web.

but i do not know how the business people/entrepreneurs who completely rely on centralized web services they offer centrally (stating some techno complexities and offerings) as their main way of profit/revenue generation and commerce.

I would love to make applications with such facilities, and it would be a great p2p cooperative sharing, and i am excited in economics of it. is there an acceleration factor here ?

afaik, such free s/w, free h/w, p2p based technology is more than just hobby realm — atleast for a few. Now for those who would like to make a living out of such projects - what is the alternative of conventional incentives? my point is: with such decentralization + p2p technologies in rise, corresponding economic support structures must also be thought. I think it is important, because, more applications/technologies could emerge by imparting it.


@Sharath’s internet shutdown map could be rewritten with such frameworks…


True. I shall try to rewrite. Thanks for the suggestion.


Mozilla’s documentation on Offline Apps