Online piracy of original content


I want to know about Free software activists stand on online piracy such as torrents where original content of artists, authors, developers are being shared with the underlying copyright infringement.
My questions are:

  1. What does Foss activists think about online piracy?
  2. Foss activists are for or against online piracy?
  3. Apart from keeping the source code of software open, what is your take on piracy happening on original content of artists and authors.

Few resources I read to ponder on this topic:
Resource 2
Resource 3



This is not an answer to your question, just suggesting one more watch on the same topic.

Have you watched this documentary ?

If not, please do watch it.


TL;DR - Software (or) knowledge doesn’t follow the law of conservation, unlike any other physical matter, because software is immaterial. Digital and Piracy combo is an oxymoron.

We all know what Piracy means in the context of Proprietary Software. In fact, the term Piracy and it’s meaning is enforced on users by the proprietary software developers and distributors which is actually one of their strategy to disgrace end-users and make them look like they are criminals.

From a end-user’s perspective, people call it sharing. Say I have a digital file (for the sake of this discussion, let us assume it’s an binary executable of some proprietary software), what do you think is preventing me from sharing that particular file to my friend or whoever approached me? Obviously there is no cost factor, I have already spent money to purchase a hardware (i.e my laptop / desktop / smartphone) and my friend has also spent money to purchase a hardware for him. Now we both have a machine which makes the sharing possible without spending more money.

Software or for that sake any digital file is immaterial, it is not going to get obsolete and the quantity / quality is not going to get reduced in any way. In fact, by sharing the quantity is only increased, clearly there is no loss on end-user. If I have to believe the definition and oblige to those piracy statements dictated by proprietary developers / distributors, who am I putting first here?

My friend approaches me for such a file and I say,

See I cannot give it you, if you want, go and purchase a copy.

What do you think will happen if I do it every time? We both know there is nothing stopping us from sharing the file between us. So should I co-operate with fellow humans around me, or should I degrade them and get isolated by people around me by giving value to the definition of piracy enforced on us by proprietary developers / distributors?

Moreover, I disagree with what you have mentioned as original content. When we speak of digital contents, there is nothing called origianal (or) genuine. If you make a copy of file in another computer, what is changing in those files? How do you differentiate which is original and duplicate?

Technically, Piracy is an illusion enforced on users to criminalize, make them feel disgraced and then using that to exploit them. So am I asking others to pirate? Well, my personal opinion is Yes. I am asking others to be disobedient and I see that disobedient as a rebel move like civil disobedience.

But it’s not a solution, it’s a rebel move, the alternative and the solution is Free Software which has the idea of sharing as it’s base, which puts freedom of end-users first, which encourages co-operation in a society, which ensures everyone has the equal opportunity.

I would like to end my reply with this vide - Copying is not Stealing.

and a long post to read upon - Copyleft Society