Online Survey portal


Do we have any portal for doing surveys and getting list of details from users in question answers way like Google Forms in which I can export as Excel document?
Meant like Alternative to Google Forms




i tried kobo toolbox for surveys. Have used it 2 times. One is for CASH Vs RICE people information collection, and the other for professional work. It is so heavy running in its own containers. Developers of Kobotoolbox only recommends the container. I have faced few critical problems as the container itself houses lot of moving parts. That gives with the reliability because of modularity, but integration fails if not properly done. And i have noticed differences in deployment of self hosted version and the version deployed by the kobo community itself. Thus for AIDWA and other works i always use the fully free hosted service run by the kobo community itself on humanatarian basis.

Limesurvey - i didnt got time to test its usage. But it looks very very promising, housing a great deal of proper quistionnaire/survey model. Definitely worth a try.