OpenArena - A Free Software FPS Game


OpenArena is a multiplayer First Person Shooter game (This could be considered the Free Software Alternative for the famous Counter Strike).

This game is designed cross platform, so it doesn’t matter what operating system you use and you can play it on all.

The Game is licensed in GPL and is a Free Software. OpenArena supports both Single player and Multiplayer. On Multiplayer mode, you can either connect your machines on a LAN without Internet or connect to Internet and join an existing Server and play with people from remote locations too.

We have planned to come up with an Schedule soon where we shall all come online at time on weekend and join an existing server.

Download and Play (No installation required)

  • The unified binary which contains executable binary for Linux/Windows/Mac can be downloaded from here
  • Once downloaded, extract the contents from the zip file.

To Play

  • On Linux based operating systems

  • based on whether your machine is 32 or 64 bit open the terminal, cd into the directory and run this

    ./openarena.i386 (if 32 bit) or ./openarena.x86_64 (for 64 bit)

  • On Windows

  • run the openarena.exe

Let’s have real fun guys. Join the crew.

We will play every weekend (Saturday & Sunday). Discussion on which server we are deciding on that day will happen in cryptocat under the conversation name “fsftn-gaming”. Do download Cryptocat and join the conversation.

After the discussion is over, we will update the Server name in ProtectedText and the password to access the same will be update soon.

Need Help to list out, available Free Software for desktop platform like Linux,Windows and Macintosh

Everything’s fine…why is counter strike ‘infamous’ ?? :smiley: :smiley:


Sorry @vms20591 made a mistake there. Meant to type famous. Thanks for pointing the mistake I made.


@pras: no probs dude… :wink: :wink:


AssaultCube… although i havent played much of it but i think even that is very close to CS. Deepak Johnson would agree. :smiley:


I played it once. Also I believe the size of the game is less than open arena


@prashantk: Yeah. I felt AssaultCube to be closer to CS though I haven’t played CS myself - just seen it happening around me. I have played AssaultCube but the problem with that is that it is not a free software. It’s just freeware. Read the license here:

On other things, it helps in connecting to servers (multiplayer mode) and is lighter too. :smile:


@prashantk Am with OpenArena :blush: It’s GNU GPL v2 Licensed!


So people, Suggest how we can let others know, in which server we are in? Also do suggest a time for this weekend.

I believe we should have a common place where we can just visit and check the server name that we are going to get connected and let other know for that moment. It need not be persistent. Something like protectedtext ( ). The password to decrypt is “testing”. This is just for demonstration purpose.

Let me know what you think.


Yepp its cool…so can we use crypto-cat so that we can have a chat to decide things and we can use protectedtext to have the cryptocat channel name and other necessary info in it, so that we need to remember only the protectedtext password…


Ah. I love using Cryptocat. Awesome idea @vms20591. We shall discuss there and update the

Let’s have the conversation name in Cryptocat as “fsftn” (all in lowercase).


Xonotic is also yet another fps which has even better gfx & userbase.


Lot of hidden Gems! Exactly this is why we need discussion forum like this, to bring ideas and discussions from everyone, for everyone! Thanks @sudhan




Seems these multiplayer games will be worth it,


@prashere: dude it was cool playing online … funny thing was me shooting you … :smiley: :smiley: