OpenStreetMap Without Servers - OSM-P2P


I am too excited on reading this. Beautiful work for community projects without requiring a central server or Internet!

That is why we have created osm-p2p, an OpenStreetMap database that does not require a server or central source of truth. Every device – laptop, phone or tablet – can have its own database with a copy of the map. Users can synchronize edits with other users over the internet, a local network connection, or synchronize edits to a USB drive and send it on a canoe downriver to the next village.


yeah … i too have read about that and gave me a relief about not to mirror the whole lot of OSM data locally for sharing along with the burden of updating it. The entire digital democracy community projects are clearly awesome…

After reading their article about how it works, something called as kappa architecture was found. Me and @selvakumar have discussed about that and it was something similar to streaming database that eases the p2p sharing.

However i am going to try it. @prashere, have any idea of setting it behind every mesh node. Because as we had previous many discussion, geo-transformation for data generated(compatible with map) by the individual or a local community will bring a whole lot of new innovations…


@prashere, would you please add this topic to maps and gis category too !.. That would be awesome…


Just changed. Discourse allows a topic to belong under only one category. I think, Maps and GIS is a proper category for this.