Panel Discussion on Aadhaar in IISc


Concern, IISc (a student group) is organizing a panel discussion on Aadhaar. All are invited! If you are around in Bangalore, do drop by.

Date: Monday, August 1, 2016. All are invited!
Venue: Choksi Hall, Indian Institute of Science, Bangalore
Time: 1800 hours

Please find more details at:


hey there bro, got the news, but unfortunately the transit facilities from my places got down…

However, folks in fsmk, informed about the meeting. looking forward for your article…


I have recorded the talk. Once it is edited and ready, Concern IISc will publish it. We will also likely publish an article in our newsletter Issues of Concern. But these things will take some time. I’ll post here when it’s done.


My views on Aadhar/UIDAI:

  • Draconian
  • Unconstitutional (Never even given Public Review)
  • Subversive attempt to transform citizen to subjects (As Money bill attempt)
  • Eruption of Power and Information asymmetry (Checks & Balances not working)
  • Assumption of Universal Problem Solver (It is not)

Throwing the stones at this issue only in the privacy perspective will not solve the issue. People must also start thinking about the complete UIDAI/Aadhar system in other dimensions such as:

  1. Economic
  2. Social
  3. Technical
  4. Constitution & Governance
  5. Auditing & Accountability
  6. ARMING organs of government
  7. Privacy breach

Our all wisdom overflowing government, burecracy, thinks that starving the man in the middle will solve the problem of corruption. I dont know how come people will take that, as if all our social and economic problems were solved earlier with the same strategy.

I view this as a communication problem similar to a SSH communication. Where A is the gov. B is the citizen. X be the man in middle corrupting. A says we have to form a system that starves X, so that it will die by itself, but in exchange requires B full transparency even breaching B’s privacy.

Then comes the thinker T and says, WTF A? are u crazy or nuts ??? Your proposed system is totally reversed in terms of public and private identification of a citizen. Only a amputated, cripple minded, non common sensitic person can think of such a shitty system.

T takes the problem as communication problem and solves it by comparing with PGP system. Where the private keys(biometric data) are held back with the citizens itself, where as generated public key(12 digit random number) are shared publicly. T proposes this solution as a last resort, because the shitter system is already implemented and in action in the name of draconian “Voluntarily Mandatory” Scheme - that confuses burecracy and citizens equally.


Video recordings are now up. The event page has been updated with download links.

You can get the video via BitTorrent. Or, on YouTube at The talk slides are available at

The torrent contains both the talk video and the slides. The Magnet link to the torrent is



Curious : who is seeding ???


I will be seeding 24x7 with my home server.

I don’t want to forever rely on big centralized advertisement powered platforms like YouTube. So, I’m experimenting with the idea of using BitTorrent to distribute video on a P2P network.


yeah i know it is going to be… u… i found it immediately when started downloading… :slightly_smiling:, but i want to communicate to others by asking u … sorry for doing that… :wink:
I will be seeding along with yu…

The pdf is OK. But really helps me to “meet like minded people” which seems to be missing in my life from 2014… :blush:

By the way i am pretty sure you definitely know about Usha Ramanathan !..
I tried sending some e-mails, which as i expected, never replied… :smile:


I’d like to see webtorrent take off. But, right now, my torrent client (transmission) does not support webtorrent.

Thank you for seeding! :blush:

What with all the mobile finite data internet connections, it’s pretty much impossible for people to use torrents these days, much less seed them. And, with very little competition, mobile internet providers have no incentive to improve service. They just keep jacking the price up. Perhaps mesh networks and other community run broadband services can do something about this.

That’s what FSFTN/FSMK/FSMI are for, right? :smile:

Yeah, I’m told that Concern once organized a talk by Usha Ramanathan here in IISc. That was before I joined IISc.


everything agreed !!!

Furthermore, many people think that torrent seeding and sharing is always connected solely with illegal stuff, which makes my blood boil, i mean the people in communities… Mobile usage is perpetuated these days. With increased density of “Information appliances”, people tend to be locked down by “recursive attraction”. Financial motive is their policy. So, prices are definitely has to be raised up… :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes:

Mesh networks, yeah i believe it has the capability to solve many problems. But addressing problems primarily involved with data comm. equivalent to present trend, has to go a long way. But now we are primarily concentrating on services that addresses local needs in different perspectives that involves communication too. Will see. !


Thanks for the magnet. I will continue seeding as long as I can.


it seems that peers like me who is behind NAT, cannot seed for torrents… I hate myself :rage:


Don’t hate yourself. Hate the ISP! :laughing:

What connection are you on? Putting us behind NATs is another indignity ISPs put us through. It becomes very hard to run servers also. Consider switching ISPs? I prefer BSNL, primarily for the reason that they give you an actual WAN IP, and don’t put you behind a NAT.

If you are behind a firewall, you cannot accept incoming connections. But, does the BitTorrent protocol somehow let seeders send data using outgoing connections to potential leeches?

More than the basic idea, my understanding of the BitTorrent protocol is quite limited. But, it’d be great to learn more. Do you know of any friendly resource to read up on the inner workings of BitTorrent?


I will be seeding during the nights. I’m behind my lousy ISP’s firewall, so I the chance that I’ll seed is low as I don’t have incoming connections.


I am able to seed many other torrents from behind the firewall, but the chance of seeding is very low, but not improbable. My client has to initiate connection to a leecher(who should not be behind a firewall or have a port forwarded) and offer data.