Peer to Peer Communism vs the Client Server State


Is Free Software Ideology in anyway related to Communism?

Once I suggested a license here in our discussion forum called Peer Production License. Some people said, it was not a free license, but only if they understood the illusion of freedom under capitalism. PPL was proposed by this guy in the above video Dmytri Kleiner.


i believe that would be when peers around that time who were active are ignorant about cbpp, coops, such things…


past is past. i also know, that currently some of us, have a good conversation with dmytri kleiner. :wink:


I have heard many good things about worker owned cooperatives, but am still not very clear about how they would work in technology (software, hardware, etc.). It would be good to read more articles and if possible, even see working examples. The Fairmondo cooperative @prashere posted about was very interesting. Do share more.

Likewise, I have nothing against the PPL for now. But, I am yet to seriously read/analyze it. Right now, I would still play it safe with a traditional copyleft license like the GPL. I need to know more. So, do share.


Doing a literature survey is good. But we should have discussion before getting influence by he survey.

I will start. There are many coop societies functional in these modern days. As far as we know coop societies is the only way to safeguard society from corporations. But democracy is so inefficient. In emergency situation democracy might fail to come up with an effective solution.


Peer to Peer, The Commons Manifesto is a comprehensive document on P2P economy and CBPP. It builds upon the work of Dimitry Kleiner, P2P foundation and others.

Copy of the document is available at -