Peertube - Decentralised Video Hosting Platform


Hello Community,
Recently, I came across PeerTube and I am trying to explain why is that cool for usage within our Free Software Movement in TN.

  • Decentralised/P2P
    While we watch a video in a Peertube instance, we will act as a broadcaster ourselves helping out the load of the instance as a peer. In that way, many peers in the instance, better the performance

  • Instances
    The source code of Peertube can be set up by anyone who is interested. These setups are called as instances and require no centralised control. The data will be available with the community which is hosting it and collectively owned

  • License
    Without any surprise, Peertube is under AGPL-3.0 and can be freely shared, modified, share the modified version and can be used for any purpose. FOSS and Self-Hosting Rocks :muscle:

  • Federated
    One instance can communicate with another instance just as you see in Mastodon. The videos shared can be followed, liked by a member at the other instance. Decentralised Control and Federated Communication :heart:

Yet to Come:-

  1. Subscription/Followers
  2. Playlist for Liked Videos
  3. Profile Customisation with many options
  4. Haven’t found more than the above three points

We at FSFTN have an account in Peertube and have 2 videos till now. We will be planning to parallelly share videos in Peertube and Youtube and we would stand by the same reason of our presence in Facebook.

Suggestions regarding this are welcome.


Pls share the fsftn video link …
yeah this is really nice we can make use this project once mesh is deployed in any area…


got it