Pixelfed - A federated photo sharing website for everyone


Pixelfed, yet another implementation :camera: using ActivityPub. In many cases, it is spoken as an alternative to Instagram. We as a community need to take forward these implementations to the people and talk about the importance of FOSS and the Freedom that we experience.

Github - https://github.com/pixelfed/pixelfed
Mastodon Handle - https://mastodon.social/@pixelfed
Description - https://switching.social/ethical-alternatives-to-instagram/
Instances - https://fediverse.network/pixelfed

Let’s discuss how we can approach this transition as a community and what are all the things that we use currently, can be moved to.


At first we can start with review blogs & videos. We definitely need to do this for NewPipe & other excellent apps on F-Droid. Such things can help visibility.


Yes. Apart from usage within the community, we need to pitch it outside and create a network effect.
Things that can be done,

  • Write a blog on Pixelfed and its usage, review in Tamil
  • Create videos in Tamil with screen recording
  • Create Posters with comparison and advantages of using Federated Services

More can be added