Pondicherry Meshnet Initiative


A meshnetwork should be comprised of mesh locals (i.e a network exclusively for a particular geographical location). The formations of such mesh local initiatives in various geographical locations spontaneously would help us establish a wide area network faster than one elite group of people alone focusing on establishing mesh locals at various places. In fact, the latter is one form of centralization.

Since, we promote decentralization and p2p designs, we need to inspire, educate and help people establish mesh locals by forming meshnet initiatives their locality (Similar to how we construct our GLUGs).

In this essence, we have Pondicherry Meshnet Initiative. Till now we have organized 4 meetups all of which are documented in our community wiki.

Hereby, I request, anyone from Pondicherry who are interested with setting up mesh local or contributing to existing mesh local to join our community at crabgrass.

The crabgrass community is invite only at the moment. If you are from Pondicherry and if you wish to be part of it, do not hesitate to ask for invite either here or send an email to us at pymesh@riseup.net


Ability to create independent communities with shared values is the right way to go forward.