Proposal for conducting Technical Sessions on a regular basis


I have attended two of these technical sessions, via hangout. One was on Python Basics conducted in July (I think) last year, by @ramaseshan. The other event happened yesterday. Also arranged by @ramaseshan, taken by Abhinav. It was on Flask. Both these events were immensely productive. I learned a lot.

Should we organize online events like these every week? Or atleast regularly?

We could choose a topic and put out a call like this and interested people could join and observe. We could conduct this regularly, say every tue or thurs 9 PM. We have people from various backgrounds with various skills. We could pool our knowledge and learn from each other interactively, via live podcasts and screenshares. Also, these sessions should be open to public, for anyone to join. We could create events in facebook and invite our friends, just like we did for Mesh network meetups.

What are your thoughts on this? How frequently can we arrange it? Which platform can we use?


Yep This is an amazing idea. FSFTN has another initiative called TechCast, where we take efforts to put out our Knowledge out through videos or articles etc, so that people could learn.
I suppose we can put this also into the same and possibly have tech sessions throught online calls.
Tough this would mean, the participants need internet, I suppose there are various ways also to record such sessions and distribute them offline. Infact such videos, can even put in some of the Mesh Nodes that we are running.

Tough weekly sounds too much work, I would prefer it Bi-Weekly.
Plus, also we need not be constrained to Tech Sessions only, this can grow to any generic sessions like, Contributing to X Software, Tamil Computing etc.

This also puts us in an awkward position since we are using Google Hangouts as the platform for communication. We should very soon find a reliable alternative which also satisfies our goals.

But if no such thing exists, then I suppose we can write one too.


Hey guys, :sunglasses: thought that such things are already happening in the community with techcast initiative… sorry for assuming. If such activity are sparse we must do enrich them…

Thanks to @suriyadeepan for bringing up this in discussion…

as @ramaseshan said, in future it would be our collective effort distributed offline through mesh network.

I Vooooooooooooote… However, Frequency depends upon the context. Is there any strategy to handle it ???

Also I like to know about the tech cast initiative and the resources they have to do so !


Shame… :smirk: We really need to live up to our talk…

Yes, please! :yum:


How about murmur ???
hill hack group voice communicates using it…