Python Conference in Tamil Nadu - PySangamam


PySangamam is a two day, single track conference, to be held on 7th and 8th of September, at IITM - ICSR block. The conference is primarily run by the Chennaipy community , and is dedicated to promoting Python.

Call For Proposals

PySangamam, will be a great opportunity for people to present their work and network with other experts from the industry. There are two types of proposals: talks and posters. Talks are 20 min duration, with additional 5 min for Q&A. Posters provide a graphical summary of
projects and ideas. While talks generally needs to appeal to a wide section of the community, posters can cover niche topics. CFP closes on 1st July.


The standard ticket price is Rs. 1200 (Inclusive of GST). The ticket includes entry into the conference, breakfast and lunch. We are providing a discounted student ticket at Rs. 900 (Inclusive of GST). The ticket price rises after 7th August, to Rs. 1500 (Inclusive of GST).

For more details about the event, to submit proposals and buy tickets, please visit