Read Before Getting a new Router


The Federal Communications Commission (FCC) has made a move such that the manufacturers will lock down (and have already started) all the wireless routers, which means we are not allowed (technically) to flash the router to install custom firmware like OpenWRT / DD-WRT / whatever. If you have purchased a new router after 2015 and if you tried to flash it and it returns an error, which means we cannot even proceed any further. Flashing the router with OpenWRT is the first step.

The FCC is an United States organization and does not have any powers outside their country, but still their move has made the manufacturers to lock down the routers world wide. This is completely unacceptable. In a developing country like ours, where people like us who are already being exploited by Internet Service Providers & other agencies due to FUP, Mass Surveillance, a threat of violating net neutrality & active censorship are just now getting started on the idea of building community owned collective networks and the ruling class just doesn’t allow? The 2.4GHZ and 5GHZ frequency band are already licence-free bands world wide, this move makes it obsolete. Those 2 bands are still license free, but we cannot make use of it for our purposes.

There has been a lot of campaigns, talks around it in the late 2015, I think, we all need to pressurize the manufactures or Govt. of India to make sure it doesn’t happen in India.

A post to read on this:!The-Lockdown-is-Here/ostn2/56c61ec00cf25df9371e8436


Please do comment on what we can do to prevent this from happening at India. The entire idea of meshnet is at stake.


Summary of Community WiFi Initiative (Meshnet) Meetup 1

A talk related to the subject at CCC (Chaos Communication Congress).

Wireless Drivers: Freedom considered harmful? (OpenWRT)
The focus on the FCC issue kicks in at 27:26, nevertheless it’s a very good talk to listen to know what wireless freedom could do.


Though I would not recommend it as “the perfect solution” , I would request people to have a look at this tweak in case worst happens .Yes .


for only TP-Link devices that have USB port.


What kind of actions should we take now? Do you have anything in mind? This is a serious problem indeed!


I think, first we need to see whether new routers shipped to India are being locked down. If yes, then we need to see if all manufacturers do that or specific manufacturers do that.

In any case, we need to start campaigning for Wireless Freedom and launch a petition online targeting the office responsible for India and then reach out to other organizations like CIS-India, Hill hackers, etc., through FSMI like how we did for Net Neutrality Campaign.


This article says, TP-Link only locks down devices they sell it in United States. Lets hope this is not implemented in India too. Anyway we have to be ready at anytime. Just like how Net Neutrality Wave hit western countries first and then India, similar thing could happen here.


New Update: Linksys is not locking down it’s routers. Way to Go!