Sangam period archeological site & few rock cut temples in Madurai now in OSM


I visited the recently discovered sangham recently discovered Sangam period archelogical excavation in Madurai about two months ago. It was a wonderful experience in a trip arranged by Trichy trekkers group. I had also visited some rock cut temples in Yanaimalai and other small hills.

Now, after two months, I have mapped the places in osm. Here’s the archelogical site if you plan to visit it:

Here’s the entire changeset containing all the historic places and roads I mapped

Also with this, my two month backlog of openstreet mapping has been finished.


Could you please write a OSM diary ?


Sure. I wil do thatl :slight_smile:


It’s fascinating that archaeology still manages to happen in this day and age given the government’s attitude to education and research.


This is awesome! We need more of this. I’ll also see if we can mark paleontological areas for excavation near Ariyalur. Any other ideas? cc: @Srravya


Is the site already excavated considerably by an authorized personnel? If not do not mark it on osm, as it could encourage treasure hunters. OSM wiki has the warning against the same.


Cement manufacturing companies are already ransacking these paleontological sites, couldn’t get worse. If treasure hunters get more fossils out of that place before it’s ground up into powder, all the better.