Scribus Unicode Tamil Support


Scribus is the only alternate to adobe pagemaker / Indesign… For books and journals
libre office writer is not a good choice. as a technical editor of e
journal of life sciences, we have been using scribus for designing
the journal articles (find the attachment). unfortunatlely it does
not suppport tamil unicode yet. Searching on the net but no solution.
Found few links, but dont know how to go with this.


What do you think we need to do ?


Someone suggest me that scribus can support tamil unicode, if we built it from source.
I dont know how to do that. unable to resolve dependencies too.

can anyone build scribus from sources (with unicode support) and then distribute deb / rpm file.


Create a patch / script


I would suggest that we take up the project and work on it .For instance ,Malyalam had the same(Unicode , complex layout.etc) issue which we face now . But they overcame it with a dedicated team working on it . And to make things good I think Ditty who is in IIT-M has worked with the team . If we are ready to work on it , we can ask them for help . Both ATPS and DAKF would be ready to help us . But from our side some one should take the lead and get to completion . @gurulenin as someone who has both technical and on-field experience in publishing world , I would request you to take it up .