Silicon Valley was going to disrupt capitalism. Now it’s just enhancing it


Once the self-serving disruption narrative bursts, Silicon Valley will wake up to an unpleasant truth: rather than ushering in a new type of flexible capitalism that would rid us of giant, wasteful and hierarchical firms, it may be making the kind of capitalism it claims to despise far more resilient, dynamic and – the ultimate irony – difficult to disrupt.

We might baulk at swallowing electronic data-hoarding sensors handed to us by pharmaceutical or insurance firms, but if Google gives them to us – free! – why not? By getting into bed with the world of data, capitalism put itself in a position where anyone who opposes it is standing in the way of scientific and technological progress.


It seems the chronic capitalistic carriers are being distributed and infused to everyone possibly.

However, i think this way: (complementing)

It desperately tries to make the system more resilient - as an offensive strategy (not defensive) where every one as a hoard shielding to save itself from the alternative ideas and systems that may obsolete the capitalism fundamentally. It also consume the systems which are weak(that promised to disrupt initially) and make it part of itself like a growing and screaming creature does. :yum:

Being spreading something free of cost, seems to be practically a effective marketing strategy that connects itself to the greedy instincts added with hidden financial chain that pulls in more transactions which further fuels the incentive for free of cost strategy and stabilizing systems that takes care of suppressing any disruptive actions. There goes the perpetuation. So, as far as we know, there are no (at least to a minimum) group that innovated an alternative business model or financial model that even dares to challenge the present system. Thus assuming that part of the system to fuel the disruption seems to be failed miserably.

@arunisaac, do you think that even the inclusive disruption strategy claimed by silicon valley even worked ???


By putting cell phones and laptops in everybody’s hands, they have certainly disrupted the technological scene, albeit at great cost (software freedom, sweatshops, conflict minerals, e-waste, etc.). And, ultimately, it turns out they have disrupted no power structure – just established some new ones, and reinforced many older ones.