Software Freedom Day - Call for Volunteers!



Greetings from FSFTN! We are thrilled to announce that Software Freedom Day (SFD) 2015 is just round the corner.SFD is a yearly celebration for Software Freedom! Every year there are thousands of teams organizing Software Freedom Day in different countries and cities.
It is in the same spirit that we, at FSFTN, have also been celebrating SFD in the state for the last few years.SFD is celebrated in the month of September with the goal of educating the public about the benefits of using high quality FOSS in education, in government, at home, and in business.
To take a look at our celebrations over the last few years, follow the links given below.

SFD 2013 @ CEG
SFD 2013 @ PITAM
SFD 2013 Posters
SFD 2012

This year, the date for SFD celebrations is tentatively set to September 19th (Saturday). Apart from the day long celebrations on 19th, we will also have various other events as a run up the big day! If you would like to be involved in organizing SFD this year, kindly fill out this form here.

Call For Volunteers Organizing SFD event can be a lot of fun! Join us this Sunday to get started!

Date and Time:13 Sep 2.00 PM

Meet up Venue:
Free Software Foundation Tamil Nadu,
Thanikachalam Rd,Parthasarathy Puram,
Tamil Nadu,

Map : FSFTN- Open Street Map

Team SFD’15