Suggest a FOSS Operating System for Personal Laptop


What is best Open Source OS for personal use laptop? For Documents, Seeing movies, Photoshop etc.
Please share with OS link if possible


There may be no single “best” free software distribution that suits everyone. But, perhaps Debian is a good choice for most people.

Photoshop is proprietary software. Look at free software replacements such as gimp, krita, inkscape, etc.


With FOSS world, you have to try and decide what is best for you. A most commonly used distribution is Ubuntu. But Ubuntu is not what I suggest, but one can use a derivative of Debian or Ubuntu. It’s like many flavours of Ice Cream. You have to taste them to know which flavour you like.

In the past 10 years, i have tried Debian, LinuxMint, Ubuntu, Kubuntu, Lubuntu, Fedora, Crunchbang, Solus and now using Linux Lite. My preferences over the period also have changed. Some distribution runs heavily consuming more RAM, I needed a light weight distribution with decent desktop experience and that’s why I settled with Linux Lite.

There are different desktop environments like Gnome, KDE, etc., Irrespective of what distribution you choose, the following software can be found and installed.

  1. Documents - LibreOffice / OpenOffice (use Open Document Formats like .odt, .odp, etc)
  2. Media - VLC :sunny:, KODI
  3. Image Editing - GIMP
  4. Vector Graphics - Inkscape
  5. Digital Art - Krita
  6. Browser - Firefox (with these addons)
  7. Email Client - Thunderbird
  8. Torrent - Deluge, Transmission
  9. 3D Animation - Blender
  10. Audio Editing - Audacity


Thanks @prashere
LinuxMint i’m using now. Its actually good and light weight when compared Windows. I tried Linux Lite for installation but couldnt able to install due to 32Bit Architecture.