Suggest some good linux distro for Developers and Programmers


Suggest some good linux operating for Developers and Programmers


Any OS should be fine. What are the requirements you are looking for? If you are developing for Ubuntu, then just stick with Ubuntu. If you are developing for other systems, use any of Arch, Debian, CentOS, etc. Depends again on what you are developing and how.

Ubuntu is crappy in terms of dependencies and libraries not matching against each other. Just try using Webex on it :frowning:


Not sure exactly what you are looking for. But if I were to answer your question off the back of my hand without thinking too much, I’d say Arch or Gentoo. I use Parabola GNU/Linux, an FSF approved derivative of Arch.

Arch gets the latest software very quickly, almost as soon as they are released into the wild. No need to juggle around with all those older versions of libraries, etc. Builiding from sources is also very clean and simple.

Gentoo is similar, but puts a greater emphasis on building from source. I haven’t used Gentoo, but have seen a friend use it.