Suggestion for Fun Activities during FSFTN Events


Hi All,
FSFTN has been conducting various events in the past constituting of Technical Sessions and Talks. In the case of 3 or 4-day events, we cannot entirely occupy the participants with Sessions, Slides, and Talks. We need some kind of refreshment activities for dealing with the participants.

There are two forms in it,

  • Completely Fun Activity where the participants break the shackles and engage themselves in more energetically and get to know the fellow participants
  • Fun + Ideology Kind of Activity where it raises questions to the participants within themselves ideologically and deepens their understanding of the Philosophy. This is a dual purpose option where we get to Engage + Ignite the participants into Free (As in Freedom) Space.

Do provide your inputs for these type of activities in the Meetups, Workshops, Camps that you have attended or things that you have read. It would be very useful for the movement. We can tweak a little bit and implement it in our Camps, Events, etc.