Summary of Community WiFi Initiative (Meshnet) Meetup 1


Let this thread be a point of discussion on the ideas expressed today(05-03-2016) during the First Meshnet Meetup. I’d like to summarize today’s session, by stating the key points.

  1. Need for an organized effort to setup Meshnets across Puducherry
  2. A sustainable model for individual contribution to the project over time
  3. Deadline driven approach
  5. Mesh node - non-mesh node compatibility
  6. Selecting a router to buy
  7. Flashing openwrt/ddwrt to routers without bricking them
  8. Objective is to gradually build an alternative community owned/maintained infrastructure(s) in our city, for the future of alternate internet
  9. Providing and advertising free services through open WiFi to neighbors, by each individual currently involved in the project; Incentivize neighbors this way, to join as a host and scale the network
  10. Identification of potential zones, like apartment buildings for establishing multiple local networks
  11. Connecting multiple clusters of local networks in the city through high power directional antenna
  12. Use of DIY antenna instead of buying ready made antennas for cost efficiency
  13. Providing internet access (other local services) to rural areas
  14. POC experiments : connect heterogeneous nodes to a single meshnet and analyze performance

Ideas for services which can be used as incentives for people to join the network

  • Social Networking : twister/diaspora
  • Wiki
  • Software repository
  • Networked Gaming : OpenArena
  • Private large file transfer
  • Local news
  • Map/driving directions

If I have missed out or misunderstood anything please mention in the comments! Anyone who has missed this session but has questions on the points mentioned above, post your question below!

For details on basics of networking, designing, implementing, and maintaining low-cost wireless networks, refer to Wireless Networking for the Developing World


The meetup was organized at Pondicherry. Meta details about the event can be found here