Summer Camp Follow Up Session


Post-Event Report and DIscussion - Summer Camp 2015 Follow up session

The first follow up session for the Summer Camp 2015 batch was successfully held on 21st of June,2015 (Sunday). The event was mainly themed around Installation fest, Shell & Shell scripting and Git & Github. The follow up session was held at Bhavan’s Rajaji Vidyashram, Kilpauk, Chennai and was attended by around 20+ summer camp 2015 particpants. There were around 10 volunteers who were there to support the session.

The event started around 10 am IST with a short introduction by Prashanth, about what the day’s sessions were going to be about.

The first session was GNU/LInux Installation-Fest, as planned earlier. The session went good, after the session outcome was , all the attendees had some kind of linux based OS installed in their laptops. Though, some faced problems like loss of data, not able to access windows and vanishing of their paid-for proprietary
software (without recovery disc). Some people were hesitant to ask doubts.The installing session went for around 1 hour.

The second session was about Shell and Shell Scripting, handled by Srravya. The session went for 1 hour. All the participants felt really good because it was more hands-on session , they felt more connected and
learnt more by trying out the command. We didn’t have a projector, so the participants felt kind of clueless in some commands, but it was sorted out eventually by the volunteers.

This was follows by a short break of 5 mins. Refreshments were provided to the participants

The third session was about Git and GitHub. It was handled by Senthil Ramasamy(Me) ,and it started off around 12.15 pm. The presentation was from the basics with more info on how things work.There were queries of how to actually create a repository and push it to github ( as a demo ), but due to inavailabilty of internet we couldn’t demo it for them.

The event came to an end around 1 pm, with Prashanth give me some key points to note.

The people attended, were more keen on attending future events and also had some doubts.

This thread is open to suggestions and reviews about and for this event !


Awesome guys, but photos please :smile:


There’s this guy in my team who wanted to know why we’re having follow up sessions with the people who’ve already sat thru the same stuff at camp o.O

He said some commands were new… But why the whole thing again was his query :stuck_out_tongue:



First class will always be redundant, just to make sure people are in same level.


Oh ok… Makes sense… :wink: