SuperTuxKart 1.0 is Awesome!


SuperTuxKart is not a new game to GNU/Linux. But the game has been heavily improved in it’s graphic rendering with multiple features in version 1.0 release. It is now possible to play the game in multiple modes (The Soccer mode is so so fun when we play it together as teams).

We can play Online through Internet connection or play in offline mode as single player or play together in LAN/WLAN. All the characters in the game are the mascot of Free and Open Source projects like Pidgin, GIMP, Tux, OpenBSD, etc.,

Do give it a try folks. It is also available for Android via both F-Droid and Play Store (though F-droid version is still older version compared to Play Store and thus incompatible with latest version). It is possible to connect to server via both Android phone and using a full fledged GNU/Linux computer and can be played together.