Taiga - Alternative to Trello?


Meet Taiga . A Free Software alternative to Trello and many other project management tools .It also has a “buggy” android app . Will it be a better alternative to our wekan instance?


Yes, it provides a viable alternative to development companies that have Kanban boards or Agile boards. I have evaluated it and it seems to be good. However, it’s not an alternative to Trello / Wekan completely. What’s wrong with Wekan anyway that warrants replacing it with Taiga?


Having used Wekan , I have faced the following problems
1)Unable to get notifications or mentions (Not sure if it was our configuration problem)
2)Absence of a Mobile App for Wekan which always pushes for a web-based desktop mode to work upon .


@commons_sibi Notification issues could be a due to mis-configuration. Personally, I’m fine with not having a mobile app. However, if you feel it’s a deal-breaker, then it’s time to hunt for an alternative. Does taiga have a mobile app?


Taiga is designed for teams who follow SCRUM / Kanban models for their software project development model. I created an account in taiga to explore the User interface and the features. My opinion is not to replace a simple kanban board (wekan) which is easy to use and fits for any purpose shall not be replaced by Taiga which is complicated for anyone who doesn’t know SCRUM model.

It will not be productive for us, since we have to learn about SCRUM to use Taiga effectively. It’s not about learning a new user interface or tool, it’s about learning a completely new model of iteration.

People already following SCRUM for their daily project development might find it easy.