Take Diversion - I Published a Addon to Firefox


I published a web-extension to Firefox addon store. I named it Take Diversion. Here is what it does as of now. Whenever you open any youtube video, it takes you to https://invidio.us and plays the video there.

Invidious is a new self-hosted FOSS alternative web frontend for Youtube

  • that doesn’t track or spy on you
  • that is free of ads.
  • that allows you to download the video (or) audio in various formats and resolutions.
  • that allows you to hear only the audio of a video in the background, etc.,

At present, I have hard-coded the https://invidio.us instance URL inside the add-on, in upcoming versions, these will be configurable and the addon will be made generic and not bound to one site like Youtube that acts as a generic redirection add on.

:sunny: Install the add-on from Take Diversion
:sunny: Source Code


Good that you are contributing to this little essential too.

I use https://github.com/doronbehar/invidious-redirect and learnt this is no longer maintained.

and installing https://addons.mozilla.org/en-US/firefox/addon/redirector/ as recommended.

How is this “Take diversion” different from others ?

Care to explain ?


Good job! :smiley:


Before writing it, I also explored in addon store for such plugins and I set out to write one for my learning experience of how to make web extensions as well. Users are left with only one choice when they encounter an addon, i.e to use it. as someone who knows how to program, I wrote a addon that I would like to use.

Nothing special or distinctive about this addon. I released it as free software, published it in Mozilla addon store so some of you might also you use it. If anything isn’t working, if you folks want something out of it, you folks know me. That’s the only difference I see :wink:


Released a new update. version 0.3

Support for Enable/Disable Redirection on toolbar

  • The extension icon is now made visible on the toolbar
  • clicking on it would toggle the extension to enable/disable.
  • introduced new set of icons for disable state as well


Released a new update. version 0.4

  • Notification can be enabled or disabled through addon preferences.

Right Click on Extension Icon -> Manage Extension -> Preferences