Tamil educational software packages for children


One of my friend is running a trust in a village in Theni and they sponsors full educational requirements of 8 school children (between the classes 9 - 12). These students study at the one of the relatively better schools in that area and stay in the hostel of the same school.

Recently, the kids were provided with laptops (through the govt. scheme). The school management has allowed the kids to take their laptops to the hostel (but without any internet connection). Now, we are trying to get these laptops installed with some Tamil educational package. It would be really great if you can post the software packages that you know.

Packages like Tamil encyclopedia, puzzles and games in Tamil, science experiment simulator etc. will be really helpful.

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It’s really good to hear. Could you brief about the count of the students in each class?

We can give some science experiment videos and articles.


I don’t have the count of exact number of students. But the overall number is 8.



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