Tamil font on Windows


I am little not sure about Tamil key boards
I am on GNU/Linux and typing in Tamil is possible with FreeSan font. So I am all good with it.
I’ve heard about Senthamil font and Keyman with Windows but never used.

I’d asked to help to install Keyman/Senthamil font but never did it.
Recently I’ve set up Debian, LibreOffice Base for data management in Tamil with Tamil 99 key board.

Today, I was told about users complaining about typing. They want to Keyman, Senthamil.
So what is Keyman ?

Checked it’s FOSS (?) https://github.com/keymanapp/keyman

What are the difference between Keyman/Senthamil & FreeSans Tamil font.


Last time, I remember Keyman was a commerical product from Tavultesoft.
So I never pay attention to that tool.

Now, it’s good to learn Keyman is FOSS !


Senthamil is a font name.

keyman is software.

Install Ekalappai or NHM writer software on windows.
they are the software required.

using them, we can type on any keyboard layout.

Ask them to use these software and try changing various keyboard layouts to find suitable one.

Ask them the keyboard layout name .
I can check.


Thank you Shrinivasan.

Is Senthamil font is open license ?

I can’t find any detail. Who are the typeface designer ?

I can’t find much info from here http://senthamil.org/

If you happened to know, please share