The Case Against Facebook


Over the last few weeks, we have had a very extensive debate on Free Basics by Facebook and net neutrality. For us, free software activists, this is only the latest fight in a long series of issues we have had with Facebook and debates among ourselves regarding using Facebook :smiley:

The point of this thread is to build as huge an archive of articles as possible on the various problems we have identified with Facebook over the years. Please post whatever articles you can find in the comments section. I’ll add them to the main post and sort them according to categories.

To start with,
FSFTN’s case for moving to Diaspora
RMS on Facebook. This is a meta article in the sense it contains links to many good articles

Facebook users see the site as internet. From an earlier discussion here.


Hi Friends,

Although this has been posted here in January 2016 and if anything Facebook has only gotten worse with their record of privacy and security breeches, I am not sure how many of us read the Stallman’s article. I am really disappointed that FSFTN’s Facebook is far more active than even this Discuss forum. Even Stallman himself says it may be ethical for a business or organization to be in Facebook if we want to but the aim should be to get people visiting our Facebook to start using freedom and privacy respecting channels in the future. Are we really committed to that? Correct me if I am wrong, but I am not seeing any effort to promote alternative social media in our Facebook and Instagram and we seem to be giving an impression that these are the best ways for people to connect with us. Please read this article again and let us discuss it:



I’m pleased you are raising this issue. I have raised this issue in the past, perhaps even on this forum, but to no avail. Every time, some excuse or the other is produced. And like you said, even if FSFTN won’t leave Facebook, this forum and the mailing lists could be more active.


Thanks for bringing it up. That is exactly my point as well Arun. From those article, as far as I understand, even Stallman’s recommendation is that Facebook use by individuals is not worth the risk but its use by organizations have to strategic and with an intent to move those interactions to free platforms. We don’t have to be those pure free software activist who don’t touch Facebook, but if the majority of interactions that start in our Facebook page end there, at the least we should be questioning what is the purpose of our presence there. Also, we don’t have to be negative all the time. I feel we should do more to promote forums like Discuss. Maybe identify people active in our Facebook page, and invite them to continue the conversation here free of censorship and surveillance. Just my two cents.