The Data of Bird Species in Commons


Hello Community,
I was travelling around the interior of my Village this morning and found really interesting species of Birds which I cannot remember seeing it in Chennai (As we have many distractions to look into nature). I remember attending a session in Tamil Nadu Science Forum on Ornithology. Based upon the understanding from the Session, the data around us, nature, the locality, the places and other kinds of stuff are in great demand to be in Commons. Such data are highly populated in the Urban Side as we have more and more people from the villages flooding towards the cities (Urbanization). The data with respect to one’s locality plays a major role in preventing Data and Contribution Centralisation. Still, we could see the absence of streets in villages when compared to the city even though we have a strong OSM Community. Similar in the case of Tamil Wikipedia, we have contributors and technical kinds of stuff but need to be implemented and utilized for the local needs.

Coming to the point, these data of Species, Rivers, Wells, Panchayat Office, Roads are needed to be in Commons and needed to highly populated by the activists who already know the importance of it and parallelly we need to build a strong community understanding the Commons and its importance which automatically leads to contribution. I have contributed some of the bird species in my Village and planning to make it a regular practice. Let us see how it goes.

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I am literally happy and satisfied, that members of the community, are acting on bio-diversity. Thanks for creating awareness on Ornithology and how shall Technology can actually put to good use.

Its really critical talking about Contribution Centralization. It does makes sense when we talk about federation. Even when we know that all centralization is not bad and all decentralization is not good. How structures are designed and put to use matters. It will be progressive to see the involvement of members in more than commons software alone. Freedom in it lets us to put to use in other necessary fields too.

On speaking about locality contribution, village mapping through armcharing must help great, while having good knowledge about village layout. It must be easy for whoever born and lived there - who also do have idea about OSM. otherwise organizing mapjam in the village seems to be little pain - because of people in community might not be influential enough in the village to organize one. But it is still doable if community can self support during the campaign.

This necessitates a VIS(Village Information System) to be formed. However such ideas are still in proto stages only.

Do try out, projects. also do look out how they concentrate on improving concentration quality and quantity for rural side of the maps.

More than these things, who has proper time to act at ground level ?.Every individual is concerned about their own village than others. This can be hacked for decentralizing contribution and commitment, for civic action.

Everything that connects to geography, terrain, hydro, biodiversity, coast, inland, landscape… etc must be in commons.