Those who are interested & new to GIS, Mapping, etc


Hey peers, its great we have a category for one of the most democratized fields of Art and Science. Geography is a transdisciplinary field where multiple fields converge and diverge.

It has something for everyone. It is one of those fields that has “amateur” in practice.

Recently the community has been formed to aggregate, curate & manage the knowledge, ideas, projects, etc.

Crabgrass Free GIS group

Feel free to access, and if interested, don’t hesitate to request for participation (membership).


Visiting the link gives me Not found page.


@prashere the link does seem to work for me ? Is it still an issue ?

the other option is to check the crabgrass group is made public (Assuming there is some setting like that)


Will look to it asap

AFAIK, the link works fine… @prashere, can u please do a recheck ?


Is this still active?